Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Red carpet - WOMAN

On the red carpet, we saw a variety of dresses, we talked about the best dresses of that night, now is time to talk about the worst dresses of the Academy Awards.

Tyra Banks
I'm going to be honest, i don't know this woman, i never heard about her, maybe is an actress or a singer, but I DON'T KNOW HER.
And i don't know what she was thinking about when she put on that dress.!!!
The dress she's wearing is really awful,taking INTOaccount that she is not a young girl, is a woman and not a princess, if we see the dress we can say that is a little old the model, it's a combination very rare because is loose but in the same time is tight, it is colour purple. If i have to talk about to the function of this dress i would say that it's an horrible dress of a fifteen's party.

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