Monday, 2 May 2011

Activity number 6 - Unit 1

I think people in Barrancas are really friendly, because this is a little town and everyone knows every citizen from Barrancas, i would say that it is a pessimistic place by a very specific reason, the majority of the people here are old, so they in a lot of aspects are pessimistic.
But Barrancas have good things too, people here are very talkative and again i would say "too much talkative".
This is a town in the middle of the field so the habitants are relaxed, they don´t have a lot of  concerns that in the big cities like in ´Rosario´ we have.

To sum up, Barrancas is a calm town with people unambitious, they are happy with simple things.

And if i have to speak about another country, i will choose to speak about Brazil, i visited Armaçao this summer and let me say that i felt really confortable, this is a magic place, people in Armaçao are very friendly, they are optimistic and relaxed.

I think they are funny people and a important factor, they are not ambitious.
Do you know why people in Brazil are so funny and happy?
The sea, the beach, the hills, the green scenary, all that makes you happy.
But in fact, people here are also poor , and people here are very hard-working.


  1. Excellent Juli! Very good description! The vocabulary is perfect :) Keep on working like this!

  2. I'm sorry i don't know where post my homework so here I'm and here I go:

    Rosario is a big city where live more than 1,000,000 inhabitants. It's grat for live because here you have a lot of things like the monument to the flag, the river, beachs, malls, beatifull parks, etc.
    In my opinion at least, the people here is very friendly, they're talkative and hardworking.
    The only bad point of view what I have is the security, or better said the insecurity, you must be very careful especially at night and in a few places. don't be afraid, if you want to visit this city just have to know where to be careful, and everything will be fine.

  3. I agree with you. I think that Rosario is a very insecure city, you can not walk on the street of day or night because you always have afraid of the thiefs, i hate this part of the city, the rest is alright, i think...