Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I think Flora is an over protective mother, she does not listen the thinking and dreams of her son, and of anybody. She is really into in her own mind and she can't see another options, she just can see that she want to.
But beyond of her mistakes, she is a good person; everyone can see that she really loves Reginald and that she is a concerned mother looking for the best for her son.

Reginald is a poor boy that suffered all his life the consequences of a over protective mother, this guy have dreams and own ideas, but he is so bound with the power and manipulation of Flora that in a moment he thought that it was impossible taking off and go in search of the freedom, his freedom.
He is a correct boy, a good student and a good friend, but he is very shy, and his shyness impedes you get closer to the girl he likes.

Bob is a father really disconcerted, and the ideas in his mind basically are based in the followings: television and television.
But I think he listen more the desires of Reginald than his wife, he is a normal man and if we look inside his body we can find with a big heart.

Tommy is the typical boy that has security with the girls, he is handsome and really a  good friend that helps Reginald to reach his freedom.

And finally, Carol, she's the girl who Reginald loves; she is a pretty girl and a good person.

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