Monday, 23 May 2011

Gimme a Break

Gimme a Break 
All my life i dreamt with become a dancer, not any dancer, a classical dancer.
I just remember when i was young so much younger than now, i was walking on the street and i turned my face to see a beautiful theatre, it had a big billboard informing the next play and it called The Swan Lake. I still remember the expresion of my face when my mother told me that it was a masterpiece where a lot of girls danced with the rithm of  the magic, I was really fascinated.
With the passage of the days, I started to have more and more interest in the ballet, but
 unfortunately it was proportionally contrary with the money that was getting into house.
My family was becoming in one poor, so I had to help with the work into house because I had two brothers more.
Slowly I started to be against of my own family, because they had broken my dreams.
- Mary you can´t go out tonight, you have to help with the business, you poor brother has been working all the day. She said.
- Yes I know mother but I can´t continue supporting this, I´m gonna live my life for me.
- I just am sorry. I limited me to say.
So then i took my turn and I followed the way that I was choose, dance.
It was a hard decision, it was too hard be alone and far away of my family. However I needed a break to do my own history.
I travelled to london, to the lands where  I've never been before, where exactly was producing the boom of the classical music; and that went hand in hand with the classical dance, my destiny.
Then I dedicated every sigh to the dance, but I had to work to get money for survive.
Magically I started to have a career professional as dancer, too much sacrifice was having good results.
Coordination, posture, expression, big jumps, big drops, turns, colors, sounds, ballet shoes, makeup, lights, stenography, dress, smile, practices, reliability, professionalism. I reached it, I finally got to be a dancer.
“Where there is a way, there is a chance”

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